Your digital nanny: The Arlo Baby

On the 5th of February, I became a mom for the second time. My son was born and everything was in baby mode again, but this time with a 3-year old on the side. As a mom of two, it is juggling with time. You can only spend it once and both of the kids need their mom. So there is where the Arlo Baby monitor is coming in handy.

The product

The Arlo Baby is a WiFi-connected baby monitor. It is configurable with the Arlo app in just a view minutes.

The design

The Arlo Baby is a cutie. It has a clean white look with black details. You can accessorize the Arlo Baby with one of the ear/foot packages. I love the bunny and cat version (and so does my son).

The positioning of the Arlo Baby is easy to adjust with its twistable body and tilting head. It feels sturdy and it has a bit of weight to it, which is nice when a toddler is running around who can easily break things.


The Arlo Baby has a 1080p HD 30fps video resolution which is just amazing! Its night vision can reach 4,5 meters. The monitor live stream up to 5 videos directly in the app. It had 2-way audio and the speaker in the Arlo is very smooth, it was one of my ‘owh’ moments when I was testing. Even singing was pretty nice out of the little guy.

It can detect motion, audio, temperature, and room climate. I was wondering why temperature could be a nice asset, but when I was playing with my daughter upstairs and got a Message om my phone of a higher temperature downstairs where the little man was sleeping. The sun was shining directly on him and it was a good moment to create some shade. So the Arlo showed me why this function is a handy one.

You can use the monitor on battery, but it comes with an adapter so why not use that when at home.

The app interface is easy to understand and works as you would expect. It was a little bit of hassle to get the Arlo on the WiFi and stay on the WiFi. You need a strong WiFi connection for the monitor.

My thoughts

I’ve tested the Arlo Baby for view weeks now and it is great. I didn’t have a monitor when I had my first, but now it is a great asset when trying to fit 48 hours a day while nursing, playing with the baby, playing with the toddler, being a nice wife, and trying to work. Creating a work environment where you van concentrate and not constantly checking on the baby is also pretty nice. At first, I didn’t trust the Arlo Baby enough to ‘really’ work without checking every 5 minutes, but it gains my trust over time.

Overall, it just made my life a bit easier.

Great design
Video quality
Audio quality
Requires strong WiFi


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