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You might want to pack these apps on your next vacation

Summer is approaching in Europe, and… who are we kidding: it is always time to prepare for your next trip right? That’s why we’ve prepared the ultimate list of apps that might come in handy prepping for your next vacation and might even help you make the most of your travels.

Vacation prepping

  1. Skyscanner

This is one of the most used apps to compare flight tickets. Return or one way, even multiple destinations, either way, it will help you search and book the cheapest flights. (iOS/Android)

  1. Kayak

Kayak is a comparison app, which offers you the best deals for flights, but also compares hotels and rental cars. Extra handy: it also keeps an eye out for you on certain price alerts for travels you’ve added and it looks for a trip within your budget. (iOS/Android)

  1. Seatguru

Who wants the best seat in the house, even on an airplane? You do. And with Seatguru you can! This app offers the seating plan per aviation company and per type of airplane. This way you’ll know which seats offer extra legroom and which ones are closest to the toilets. (iOS/Android)

  1. Rome2Rio

One of my favorites. With this app, you can search for the best route, worldwide! Plan your trip, look at the costs and save your efforts. You can keep adapting the route until you’ve made it perfect for your next trip and then you book. (iOS/Android)

  1. GetPacked

This app will help you put together an ideal packing list. Add data and this will help the app configure a personal packing list just for you. (iOS)

  1. com / Hostelworld / Hostelbookers / AirBnB / Couchsurfing

Any of these apps, depending on your preference in the kind of accommodation you want, will help you find a place to stay. Most of these have reviews of the travelers that have stayed before you… (iOS/Android)

  1. HotelTonight

In desperate need for a place to stay because your booked accommodation wasn’t up to your standards? Then HotelTonight is your app to go to. (iOS/Android)

  1. SoundHound

If you prefer another type of digital travel agent, Hound from SoundHound might be the one for you. This voice assistant app you can chat with like you would with a real-life travel agent. (iOS/Android)


On the go

  1. App in the Air

This is a flight tracking app and it will keep you updated about flight status (even without internet coverage) and helps you manage your time at the airport. So you will be notified about check-in, boarding, takeoff, and landing. (iOS/Android)

  1. Tripadvisor

Lists and lists of reviews of the travelers before you, that is what Tripadvisor offers. Reviews on accommodation, restaurants and sights all over the world. Of course you can use them planning your trip, but also after you’ve arrived at your destination and need to know what to schedule in your itinerary, or more importantly which lines or sights you might want to avoid… (iOS/Android)

  1. TimeOut

This app offers loads of information on all kinds of cities around the globe, as do some other apps, but this one offers a little extra about events. So you don’t have to miss out on a festival or pop up event near you, you’ll just look it up in the event finder. (iOS/Android)

  1. AroundMe

Some of us always want to know more about the location we have traveled to. And sometimes you just want to find a nice restaurant that is close to your current location. GPS helps AroundMe helping you do just that. Select restaurants if you’re craving a bite or search for a bank if you need some extra cash… (iOS/Android)

  1. Yuggler

Travelling with kids? Yuggler has tons of information on kid-friendly sights and things to do in the area you and your family are traveling. (iOS)

  1. Citymapper

This app will help you with the local public transport. It connects with ridesharing services, offers the fastest way to arrive at your destination (so your taxi driver cannot dilute you) and it lets you check out subway and train times for some cities. (iOS/Android)

  1. Detour

This app offers a GPS audio walking tour for several (currently 17) cities in the world. The tour is narrated by a local so you will experience one of the cities like a local. On the menu is for instance: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Marrakech, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Barcelona… (iOS/Android)

  1. Trail Wallet

On a budget? No worries. Trail Wallet will calculate what you can spend on a daily basis to stay within your budget. It also adapts if you spend a little more or a little less. But you do have to add your expenses in the app to keep track. (iOS/Android)

  1. Splitwise

Are you not traveling alone and do not want to split the bill every time, but do want to keep track on who paid what? Then download Splitwise. (iOS/Android)

  1. XE Currency

Want to know how cheap that sarong really is? XE Currency will help you convert the price into your own currency. (iOS/Android)

  1. Google Maps

Find your way, anywhere in the world… (iOS/Android)

  1. Google Translate / Wordlens / DuoLingo or Memrise / iHandy / Vocre

Make sure that you’re ordering the right meal? Google Translate will help you there. And if you don’t want to type in the words, you can use Wordlens. Just aim your camera and the app will translate the lines. Please note: some languages are free in Wordlens (such as German, Frens, Portuguese, and Spanish, others you need to pay for…) Perhaps you are interested in learning the language of the country you’re visiting. Then add DuoLingo or Memrise to your phone. It might even be fun to get in the mood before actually going on your trip. And if you’re no hero in foreign languages then iHandy or Vocre will pronounce the word you are looking for. (iOS/Android)

  1. Skype

Keep in touch with your friends back home. (iOS/Android)

  1. Wi-Fi Finder / Toiletfinder / NordVPN

Sometimes you are in desperate need for some things. Wi-Fi for instance. Wi-Fi Finder app will help you out there. GPS will help you find networks in the neighborhood: paid or the free ones. Looking for a safe or encrypted connection or a fast one for streaming purposes? NordVPN can do all that. (iOS/Android)

And how uncomfortable can it be if you need to go visit the ladies room, desperately. With Toiletfinder you can find toilets near you so you might not have to double back or squat behind a bush somewhere… (iOS/Android)

  1. Jet lag rooster / Jet lag Genie (iOS only)

Jetlag can be super annoying, but thanks to either of these apps you can conquer it. Add details of your journey and you’ll get a roster on the best sleeping times and what else you can do to get rid of that time and energy consuming nightmare. (iOS/Android)

  1. Evernote

Another favorite: this app will help you organize. Save your travel plans, packing lists or to do’s, but also add receipts and keep your entire journey organized in one app. Accessible on your desktop, laptop, and phone… (iOS/Android)

  1. Dropbox

You do not want to lose your travel photo’s or other documents. So save them in dropbox. There’s nothing more to it. (iOS/Android)

  1. Livetrekker

This app creates a digital travel diary of your trip. Afterwards you can look back on your travels on an interactive map, which is fun if you take a trip around a city. You can also add your own pictures, video, and text. (iOS/Android)

  1. Wolfram Sun exposure

This one helps you manage your time in the sun safely. You enter your data, such as skin type and the app calculates how long before you get sunburned based on the time of day, your location and the sun cream you put on. (IOS)


Happy and safe travels!


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