Working with a sit/standing desk with fit challenge

Of course, I know that it is better for you to not sit all day in the same position. But in the main time, I make long days and don’t take enough breaks during the day. At the moment I’m pregnant with my second child and it is even more important to watch my posture and physical health.

Since there is a new baby on the way my home office is making room for the nursery and the office is moving to the top floor of the house. I wanted a sit/standing desk when the office would be finished, but I changed my mind and decided it would be better to have one while I was still pregnant so I’ll have the benefits during pregnancy as well.

What is a sit/standing desk

It is all in the name. It is a normal desk and a desk where you can stand behind and still work. The one I’ve bought is for two persons and is electrical and can be controlled with an app on my phone.

The benefits

It is better for you to change positions during the days. Alternate between a sitting and a standing position is a good start. You even burn more calories when you work in the standing position.

Fit challenge

The app of the desk suggests when it would be a good time to stand. So I put myself down for a challenge and wanted to stand 5 minutes every hour. The fun thing about it is, I forget I’m standing while working. So the app asks me to pump up the challenge to 10 minutes in an hour. When you work in a standing position for 1 hour your burn 98 calories, WHUT!


I really like working on my new desk. It is great and I didn’t think I would like the standing position this much. So give it a try yourself!


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