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Women who code: Interview with Briana Berger from coderGirls

Women who code: there are more each day! TechGirl Bestie Meral Arik from Overdressed and Overeducated (or ODEO) interviews ladies on a regular basis. On her wo/men empowerment platform, she often features women who code or otherwise work in the technology field. This week’s article on TechGirl is hand picked from ODEO and is about Briana Berger, the founder of the international nonprofit organization coderGirls.

Women who code: Briana Berger

Briana is a rising senior at her high school in Florida, and the founder of coderGirls. She knows an impressive 12 coding languages (wow!), and is involved with many different extracurricular activities. Next to running coderGirls, she is also the founder of SeniorTechNet, an organization that teaches the elderly how to utilize technology.

You can tell by all her endeavours, that it comes from a certain passion. Briana has a passion for coding and helping people. These passions obviously drive her organizations as they are all about teaching code. Briana’s view on technology doesn’t limit to just computer science. Rather, education, policy and business play a big role in her approach. This means that technology is a supporting role to all of these areas. As she rightly mentions, Mark Zuckerberg is a psychology major. Only by combining technology to the field of psychology was the idea of Facebook born.

coderGirls is a global organization. If you can already code, it’s possible to set up a chapter in your country/area. Or if you are looking to learn to code, you can join an already existing chapter. Either way, take a look at her website.

Originally published by Overdressed & Overeducated on June 7, 2017. Overdressed & Overeducated is a Next Generation Wo/men Empowerment Platform created by Chava Founding Team member, Meral Arik.


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