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Windows on a Macbook: best of both worlds

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might need Windows on a Macbook. Whether you are trying to work in Microsoft Office or like Windows better than macOS, it can be quite useful to have both operating systems. Gamers and developers alike will tell you that using Windows has some advantages for gaming and web development. “So, how do you get Windows on a Macbook?”, you might ask. Parallels has the perfect solution, and I got to test it out.

Just download and install

On you can purchase and download Windows for Mac. On Parallels’ website you can buy different versions (home use, professional use, or business use). The home and student license is valid for a year, or you can choose to purchase a subscription. Prices range from $79 (home/student) to $99 (pro and business) per year. Once purchased, you can download the software onto your Macbook and install Windows.

The installation was quite easy. It took me about 10 minutes total. SorryI had a slow internet connection. Once installed, you can click on the application and run macOS and Windows parallel to each other.

Windows on a Macbook – easy?

Yes! When using Parallels, you can run Windows and macOs simultaneously. Meaning, a new window will appear for Windows. You can minimize the window, and you’ll be back in your macOS environment. All the files that you have saved on your Macbook are transferred to the Windows environment. This, I think, is the greatest advantage. You can work in Windows like you would normally. Starting the Parallels Desktop application is very quick, and the system works very fast. I used the Parallels Desktop for about a week, and I have also noticed that it did not drain my battery. Big plus!

The Toolbox

Included in the Desktop for Mac is the Parallels Toolbox. This set of tools lets you perform certain tasks at maximum speed. For example, take a screenshot, record your screen, turn on airplane mode etc. The toolbox works in the macOS environment only. It’s a nice set of tools to have. Since the toolbox is complimentary software, I would say: why not use it?

Average users

Should average users buy Windows for their Mac? I can’t really tell. Like I said, having both operating systems can be useful for developers, gamers and designers. In my opinion, a Macbook user doesn’t necessarily need Windows. You can buy Microsoft Office for Mac individually. However, I can definitely see the added value for professional users and businesses. And in that case, $99 per year is a steal!


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