Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa

Why my Fitbit Versa is my best friend and my worst enemy

I have been using Fitbit Versa for a very long time now. It’s so much more than just a step counter, as it really knows how to inspire people to live a more healthy life. But, I have noticed over time that it also is a great excuse for not doing anything extra. Here’s why Fitbit Versa is my best friend and my worst enemy all in one.

When I first starting using Versa I was pretty happy with how healthy it made me think I was. And I really wanted to get those 10.000 steps a day. A really wanted to sleep more than 5/6 hours a night and instead be at a healthy 7/8 hours a night. For a while, the step-part really worked out, though the great weather helped as well. I was walking a lot and that really felt very good. Running has been proven multiple times not to be my thing though.

It’s all fine

But, as the weather gets worse, I started to think: 8.000 steps a day is fine too. As I also cycle a few kilometers to work every day, it is very easy to think that that is fine too. You can even set Versa to 7.000 or 8.000 steps a day, so you still feel like you are living a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you walk many stairs, no matter if you are going up or down, Fitbit will celebrate your activity.

As all the analytics were green by doing nothing extra than I usually would, it was getting a bit boring to wear Versa. It did not really push me to do more, it just said: congrats, you did what you asked. Also, it never asks about my water intake, it does not really push me to register food intake or do something a bit more sporty.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but I just wished it would push me just a bit more. It is a bit too friendly for me, hihi. The same goes for sleeping. I still hardly ever sleep enough hours. It does tell me at 12 o clock that it would be a great time to go to bed, but it does not make me feel bad enough about sleeping 5 hours a night. Also, it does not really give tips on how to increase my deep sleep for example, which is usually only 45 minutes to one hour a night.

Fitbit Versa

Celebrate and inspire

Now that wearables are developing more and more into the direction of health, I hope we as a society accept them still if they are a bit more pressing towards us. It still needs to celebrate things we did do, but it should be a bit more inspiring in the direction of what more we could do. I hope future wearables will make us a bit more aware of that. Till then, I will be walking my Versa-dog happily, not knowing I could be doing so much more 😉


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