innovative shoes

Who wouldn’t want these innovative shoes?

What can I say? I am definitely a shoe-a-holic! I never counted my shoe collection, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I have at least 80 pairs of shoes. Probably even more. From extremely high heels (I like to call them sitting shoes) to some super ridiculous ones which I am never going to wear.

I’m always on a shoe hunt. In real life but also online. I really like lightinthebox to still my shoe addition, but some designer brands as well. A few weeks ago, I found a kickstarter campaign to die for! It combines my love for tech and shoes! So I couldn’t help myself and backed the project.

You know the struggle. You’re walking through the city with your lovely high heels on and your feet are killing you. Why did you put your high heels on this morning? Why didn’t you at least pack your flats? You couldn’t have known the bus wouldn’t ride today so you had to walk so far.

Or you have your nice heels on. You have to run and one of your heels get stuck in an air grid. The biggest nightmare is happing, your heel breaks. This isn’t only an emotional hell, but have you ever walked in a shoe without a heel? It’s looks stupid and walks like sh*t.

Innovative shoes the new solution?

Yes, it’s here! The people from Mime et Moi started a kickstarter : Shoes that transform from flats to high heels in seconds. The shoe has an innovative shoe sole, which can click in different angles. It can be a flat sole, but also curved to fit the high heel needs.

So one moment you are dancing with your 4” heels on and the next moment you’ve exchanged the high heels for block heels to run and catch the last night train. My TechGirl and shoe-a-holic heart skipped a beat!

innovative shoes
Gif from mime et moi kickstarter page

The kickstarter campaign is over, but you can pre-order these innovative shoes on the brand’s website, as well. Happy shoe shopping!




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