Rockbox Slice review

When design meets the beat: Rockbox Slice review

Rockbox Slice review
Affordable speaker
Quality sound for inside
Good Bluetooth connections
Turn up the volume for maximum effect
Can't take phone too far away or the connection is lost

Looking for a powerful, but affordable speaker? Then the Rockbox Slice is definitely for you. I’ve been a fan of Fresh ‘n Rebel speakers for a while, and the Rockbox Slice is a nice addition to my speaker family. I tested the Rockbox Cube earlier this year. Now it was time for the Slice to be put up to the test.

Rockbox Slice Fabriq edition

Let’s just start with the obvious: the design. Fresh ‘n Rebels Fabriq line comes in many different colors. Everyone should be able to have their pick. The speaker has a woven fabric covered front and of course it has the signature leather label. Another great thing about the design is the weight of the Slice. With only 380 grams and 14cm x 7.5cm, it is easy to take with you while traveling (like I did). It even fits in the back pocket of your jeans. The speaker isn’t waterproof, but that doesn’t really bother me.

How’s the sound?

It’s good. For a small speaker, it has great reach. I tested out the speaker on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the backyard. When putting the sound to the maximum, you could still hear music softly on the other side of the house. That’s pretty impressive. The Slice prides itself on the passive bass giving the music a “full” effect. Does that make sense? This is especially true if you’re close to the speaker and the sound is turned up.

Overall, the sound quality is good and strong, but you need to place the speaker in a closed space, such as a living room, if you want to feel the full effect. The speaker has good volume, so you should be able to throw a party while you’re at it.


I didn’t test out the 10 hour battery like I did with the Rockbox cube. However, I used the speaker for over 4 hours, and there is still battery left. My point: there’s enough power to get you through the day. Another thing I really like about Fresh ‘n Rebel speakers is the way they connect to bluetooth quickly. Although, you do have to stay close to the speaker in order to get the signal. The Slice lost connection to my phone when I was around 10 meters away. The advantage the Slice has over the Cube is the fact that it has control buttons at the top of the speaker. You can control sound, play/pause, and skip/go back.


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