Wannahave: Apple might be making an anti crumb keyboard

Patents are often filed but not always used. Apple has just filed one though, that we really would like to see happening. Apple might be making a keyboard that is actually resistant to crumbs. Yep, we already know that there are water resistant keyboards on the market, but an anti crumb keyboard we have not heard of before.

I am the type of person that would need this, cause I often eat when using my laptop. At home I would lay in bed on Saturday morning, eating a hard bun with chocolate sprinkles (yes, I am Dutch like that) and both bread crumbs and chocolate sprinkles would go between the keys of my keyboard, meaning the caps lock-button often gets stuck a bit, resulting in my messages being in all caps, yelling at people.

Crumb free

Though you can always turn your laptop upside down and shake it, it is definitely not ideal as it usually does not work as well compared to a separate keyboard like you would use with a desktop. So, it sounds pretty awesome that Apple is at least trying to get rid of that problem by thinking of ideas on how to make the keys so that it is not even possible for a breadcrumb to get underneath it.

Apple is doing more though, cause there have been rumors about a new MacBook Air being released this year. It is about time.. Plus, there might be a big price cut in MacBook Airs this year, or a different time that is in a way cheaper price range than we are used to. That would be awesome, as there are many laptop alternatives that are even below 500 euros. I do not think Apple would go that far, as it will probably want to stay a bit on the more expensive/luxurious side, but a girl can dream, right?


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