Worn on TV

Wanna have the clothes they wear on tv?

You must have had this at least once in your life: you are watching your favorite series, suddenly a fantastic dress comes up … yeah! You want it! But uhm … How did they get that dress? Because it is not that you see a list on Netflix, Prime or other streaming services with all items of clothing that were worn per episode. How can you buy the outfit actors are wearing? Worn On Tv of course!

Our tip is nice and simple: just go to Worn On Tv! On WornOnTv.net you can look up per series and per episode who wore what. There are several ways to navigate: select soap operas, talk shows, reality TV or Netflix. You can also select plus size, bargains under $ 100 and sale for example. Perhaps the best thing is to just select “All shows”, so that you can scroll between all the options.

Moviestar clothes

So choose one of the navigation methods above if you want to get “just some inspiration”. But, have you just watched that one series and do you specifically want that dress? Then search for your series in the search bar, select it and then choose the actor / actress who wore the outfit. There is a good chance that you will find that dress of your dreams!


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