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VOGSY – the new G Suite app your business needs

Right, so you’re a marketing, ICT or consultancy firm and you’re looking for enterprise resource planning (or ERP) software. You want to track your business processes, collaborate with colleagues and send invoices. What better way to do that than in the cloud? It’s now possible due to VOGSY. VOGSY is an app based in the G Suite Marketplace and supports professional service companies with their quote-to-cash process.

Say what now? Let me make it easy. You know how businesses use software for project management, billing and client relationship management (CRM)? That’s called ERP software. If you work at a bigger company, you might be familiar with AFAS, SAP and Unit4. These ERP software providers have been around for some time and are – dare I say it? – expensive and a bit old-fashioned. In the ERP software industry there hasn’t been a disruptor… until now.

VOGSY is innovative because it is the first cloud based ERP software solution that is aimed at small and mid-market businesses. The fact that it’s available on Google’s G Suite Marketplace makes it accessible to everyone!


VOGSY digitizes every step in the process from finding clients to sending invoices. The app can track the time you’ve worked, functions as a client relationship management system, and identifies KPI’s (or key performance indicators) among many other things. VOGSY’s communication style is very similar to social media. Communication takes place on an activity stream (similar to Google+ and Facebook). The interface even looks and feels like social media due to the fact that it’s designed for mobile use.

You can send quotes, start projects and assign tasks to team members all from within VOGSY. Also, it has a built-in personal assistant named Viktor who reminds you of tasks due today and the percentage of work that is completed. Uhm, yes please!

You can acquire VOGSY by contacting GeeFirm – VOGSY’s Benelux’s launching partner. VOGSY (only) costs €17 per license per month (excluding the installation fee).

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G Suite

Now, VOGSY is an app on G Suite. G Suite is the ultimate tool if you’re a business on the go. Google’s G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps for Work, is a cloud based solution with apps, such as Calendar, Gmail, Drive and Docs. Working in the cloud is ideal for remote workers because you can run your business from anywhere in the world..with anyone! Working together is easy when the team has access to the same documents and can work together online. G Suite is accessible to multiple devices from computers, tablets to smartphones.

It’s possible to customize G Suite for your business, as well. For example, you can choose to enhance communication, collaboration or storage. GeeFirm is able to advice you on this process and will help you set up the right tools for your business.

Your business

In order to deliver the best service possible, you’ll need to nail every step from meeting a client for the first time to after sales. Every step in this process contains tasks carried out by different team members. As your business is growing, simple Excel files and emails will not offer sufficient support. VOGSY, then, is a great inexpensive way of optimizing your quote-to-cash process!

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