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Trying it out: Le Mini Macaron Review

Raise your hand if you are a sucker for a good manicure! Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to go to the salon. So, what’s a girl to do? DIY, of course. Regular nail polish is nice, but it’s nowhere near gel polish. As you know, using gel polish means using a LED/UV light. So, to recreate the salon experience, I tried out the Le Mini Macaron. My eye fell on it when I was searching the internet. Mostly because the LED light is shaped like a macaron, but also because this light is charged with a USB-cable. Perfect for girl nerds on the go! My experience? Read it below!

Why Le Mini Macaron?

I came across Le Mini Macaron on accident because I Googled the term “BeautyTech” and it was one of the first websites to pop up. I had a look around on the site, and it didn’t take me long to order. The Le Mini Macaron LED light is sold in packages, or gel manicure kits. The gel manicure kits consist of: the LED light with USB cable and charger, a gel polish, 10 remover pads, a nail file, a cuticle stick, and instructions. Le Mini Macaron gel manicure kits sell for $35 (or €31) with a shipping rate of $7 (€6) to Europe. Which is not bad, considering all of the products you get.

Of all the UV/LED lights out there I chose the Le Mini Macaron for two reasons:

1. It’s shaped like a macaron (my favorite food group next to ice cream), and

2. The LED light can be charged by a computer

After all, this is a tech blog. So, using a LED light that is charged by my laptop is a must. The LED light comes with a USB cable and power charger. Unfortunately, I can’t use the power charger because it is American (110-V). But, no biggie! It works fine together with my laptop.

Another reason I bought the Le Mini Macaron instead of another product is because it is a LED light instead of a UV light. In the FAQ section on the LMM website, they address this issue as well. The main reason I wanted a LED light is because UV light (obviously) radiates UV rays. Now, of course a small amount of UV light on your nails is not going to have a great effect on your skin, but better safe than sorry.

How does it work?

The Le Mini Macaron kit comes with one gel polish. All of you experienced salon-goers must know that gel polish usually takes 3 coats: a base, a color and a top coat. Well, don’t panic. The Le Mini Macaron gel polish is a 3-1 formula, so you only need to apply one coat (or two depending on how you want your color to show up). The gel manicure kit comes with instructions that are easy to follow. The steps are simple: push back cuticles, file your nails, apply coat, dry, and apply another coat if necessary. (See video above this post!)

One small disclaimer though, this product does not turn you into a professional nail stylist over night. If you are messy with nail polish, you will also be messy with this kit. I learned that the hard way. I applied two coats of polish because I wanted the pink to be a bit darker. One thing I can say right off the bat: the polish dries so quickly! Yes, the LED light is strong and 30 seconds is enough to dry the polish. A-ma-zing. No more messing up your manicure!


Love. It is a great product for any girl nerd on the go. Especially if you are impatient. The LED light is strong enough to dry the polish in 30 seconds. I have also tried the LED light with a different LED polish, and it works just fine (although I had to dry it 2×30 seconds per nail). The shape of the LED light is fun, small and easy to take with you. You can use it for a manicure as well as a pedicure because you can take the top off the macaron and turn it around. Le Mini Macaron is definitely worth the $35! You can buy yours here: www.leminimacaron.com.

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