Timeline for Sketch is now available, animation made easy.

As a UI Designer, I was amazed when I discovered Sketch over a year and a half ago. It has made my life a lot easier and my designs a lot better. Until sketch came around the majority of us were designing websites and apps in Adobe Photoshop. Also an awesome piece of software but clearly meant for photo editing. I don’t think a lot of designers realized how badly we needed new software to design user interfaces specifically.

Digital Design Toolkit

Sketch truly is the ultimate digital design toolkit. With countless powerful plugins for prototyping, generating CSS code from your design and now: Animation.

Timeline for Sketch is the newest addition to the Anima Toolkit. Anima is all about empowering designers with powerful visual tools like Auto-Layout and Launchpad for Sketch. With Timeline, you can create beautiful Timeline-based animations directly in Sketch.

Timeline and keyframes

Similar to Keynote magic-move and After Effects Timeline you use a timeline to easily customize timing and curves. You can drag and drop layers in each keyframe to animate. Simply export to GIF or MP4 and use your animation in websites, banners blog posts, newsletters, ads etc.

All in all a great piece of software that’s fun to play around with.


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