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These Instagrammers will trigger your wanderlust immediately

White sandy beaches flipflops in your one hand, the other filled with an ice-cold cocktail. Pictured it in your head? Good. Want to trigger some more, or even better, wanderlust? Make sure you follow these Instagram accounts, check out their feed and highlights, and picture yourself in this situation, get inspired for your next destination… 

  1. World of Wanderlust

The Australian Brooke Saward might just have been the first blogging wanderer that made a living from traveling the world. Her Instagram stories and photo feed are awe-inspiring and take you all over the world. And if you can’t get enough of her stories, you might want to subscribe to her YouTube channel as well or read one of her books or blogposts while you’re at it.

World of Wanderlust screenshot World of Wanderlust screenshot feed

2. The Bucketlist Family

This family of travel journalists has been to all the corners of the world and although the family from Utah has settled down in Hawaii they are not done traveling and sharing their adventures abroad. And if you want to go full stalker mode on this family you can follow each individual via their own Instagram account and/or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

The Bucketlist Family screenshot

3. Saltinourhair

Hannah & Nick are a Dutch couple and they capture all their moments abroad beautifully, some very pretty ones by drone. Handy extra: they make guides for the places they visit as well (which you can find in their Instagram profile highlights.

Salt in our Hair screenshot

Salt in our Hair screenshot feed

4. Youngadventuress

Liz Carlson is an American living in Wanaka, New Zealand and boy, what an adventurous woman this is. She’s fond of nature and wildlife and takes care of both where she can.

5. Hello Emillie

Emilie Ristevski is an Australian based creative. Her photo’s and videos on her Instagram account are next level though. Lately, she’s been posting a lot about the Great Barrier Reef, A-MA-ZING to see the world from a different point of view.

Hello Emilie screenshot

Hello Emilie screenshot feed

6. Vagabondhearts

You gotta love mountains, and if that is the case you will want to follow Andrea, based in the Canadian Rockies. Awesome walks, climbs and superb coffee, camping shots.

6. Gotta love vanlife

And if you want some inspiration from adventurers living life in a campervan a.k.a. happy campers. Follow Vancy duo, Always home bus, Eddi on the Road, Expedition Earth Live or Wheels of Happiness.

7. Magazines, media and more

Of course, there are many more ways to get inspired than to follow individuals on their travels. There are plenty of media that feature wanderlust inspiration or wandermust places via the gram. Make sure you visit: Lonely Planet MagazineBBC Travel, and Vanlife Magazine. 

8. #search your personal favorites

And if you are a fan of a certain country, you might want to follow the tourism board of that country and they will pop up on your Insta feed with gorgeous images of your favorite place(s) in the world. Pro search tip: add the word ‘visit’ or ‘ig’ to the country of your choice or choose a province/region of the country. My personal favorites at the moment Lofoten Islands (Norway), Whitsundays Queensland (Australia) and IGSlovenia (Slovenia).


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