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The best beautytech at CES 2017

Last week, CES 2017 took place in Las Vegas. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest worldwide tradeshow for consumer electronics that takes place in Sin City every year in January. During the conference, many different manufacturers, developers and suppliers show their latest technology. This year was extra special because it was the 50th edition, and because it was the first time there was a Dutch pavilion at the conference!

Of course I was interested in what happened at CES, and I wish I went to Las Vegas (even if only for the weather…). But because I couldn’t be there, I am bringing Las Vegas to us, and showing you some of the awesome products that were shown there. The Samsung’s S-Skin has already been revealed, but that is not the only cool technology that was launched. Here is the best of beautytech at CES 2017.

Kérastase Hair Coach

L’Oreal decided it was time to give the regular ol’ hairbrush an update. The company launched the Kérastase Hair Coach smart hairbrush. The brush contains sensors that will be able to measure the state of the hair and the effect of different hair care routines on the hair. The brush analyzes brush strokes and sends the information to an app.

Kérastase Hair Coach


How do you analyze hair’s condition? Well, the Hair Coach is equipped with a microphone that records the brush stroking sounds. Sensors are also able to determine the speed and pattern of brushing, and whether the brush is used on wet or dry hair. It will also analyze the overall quality of hair and give you tips for hair care (using Kérastase products), or vibrate whenever you are brushing your hair the wrong way. It’s not called a hair coach for nothing.

I’m wondering whether you will use a brush like this or if you feel like this product is unnecessary? I am obsessed with my hair, and I only use hair products and shampoo from my hair stylist. I want smooth, shiny hair. So yeah, I think I would use this. And for the price of “under $200”, it is something I would invest in. What about you?


There is a reason CES takes place early in January. It’s because you can finally keep those new year’s resolutions, such as losing weight. This wearable is the answer to all of your weight loss problems. No more counting calories because Healbe does it for you!


Healbe GoBe 2 is a wearable that tracks incoming calories by tracking the glucose level in your blood through the skin. Depending on the food you eat, the GoBe 2 usually takes around 15-20 minutes to calculate how many calories you consumed. Of course the wearable tracks burned calories and activity as well. On the app, you can also see stress, energy and hydration levels.

The Healbe GoBe 2 is the complete package. You can buy the wearable on their Healbe website. What are you waiting for? If I had to be critical about one thing, it would be the design of the bracelet. It is quite chunky, but who am I to talk? In this case functionality really does come before fashion.


Painting nails has got to be one of the most tedious feminine tasks on the planet. If I do it myself, I always (always) seem to paint my fingers as much as my nails. I just can’t color inside the lines. That is exactly why O’2Nails exists. O’2Nails is a mobile nail art printer that is able to print any color and any pattern (even pictures!) on your (artificial) nails. The colored ink cartridge can paint up to 700-800 nails! *gasp.

After applying a gel base coat, the nails are placed inside the machine. The nail art is printed in 35 seconds, and will last about a month (!). It’s best you view the process with one of my favorite tech bloggers Jessica Naziri (fangirling rn) — see video above this post!


A lot of beautytech products are about analyzing the skin and hair, and HiMirror is no exception. HiMirror is a beauty mirror that uses a camera and big data to create a personal skincare plan. It analyzes red spots, dark circles and pores among other things. The mirror is able to recognize and identify problem areas in the skin, and then suggests solutions. With the help of the mirror, it is possible to create a personal skincare routine and see the skin’s progress.


The HiMirror isn’t that expensive either: $189. I feel like the price is really fair for the long list of features it has. On the website, you can also preorder the HiMirror Plus, a newer version including additional memory, different lighting settings and multiple users, for $259.

I saw HiMirror a while ago on Instagram, and I was immediately intrigued. It is a product I would buy because it shows the effect of skincare products. I use high-end products, so I am interested in knowing if they help my skin at all. Again, is this something you would invest in?


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