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TechGirl International is the gathering place for women in tech around the world. That means we have TechGirl Besties in many different places. TechGirl Besties are women with their own tech platform with content that we love! And we share their content the minute we get the chance to because we want you to read it. Sharing is caring, as they say. TechGirl Besties are inspiring and empowering. Whether they are active on social media or have their own website, one thing is clear: they enthuse women to get into technology.

TechGirl Besties platforms

The only way to showcase these awesome ladies is by showing them on a world map, of course! Let’s visualize the reach we have.

TechGirls rule the world <3

The world's smaller than you think...

Become a TechGirl Bestie

“The more the merrier” is our motto, so don’t hesitate to contact us to become a TechGirl Bestie. Do you have an Instagram page, website or another tech platform? Let us know. By sharing your content on our website, we maximize your reach. And I guarantee our readers love reading more tech related stuff. There are never enough tech blog posts. Get yourself on the map!


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