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Styling tips to ace your tech job interview – by Boost Styling

New year, new goals. For some of you that means getting a new job. I switched jobs in 2016, and it has been the best decision so far. Part of getting that new job is of course showing off your in depth knowledge about technology and programming. Another part of getting the job, is making a good first impression. Dress to impress! Us nerds can use some help with styling, and therefore I asked Christy from Boost Styling to give you some awesome advice on dressing for a job interview.

Christy is the owner of Boost Styling. She is a personal shopper, image consultant and make up artist. Christy specializes in corporate chic with a twist. In this post she gives you the best styling tips to make a great first impression when going for that job interview.

Advice from Christy from Boost Styling

Show them that you take yourself and your goals seriously.

Ok, so you’re smart, ambitious, and wise when it comes to the latest tech news. But does your appearance say that, too? I can hear you think: “why would I?” Well, you should because your appearance reflects who you are and the skills you have. Whether you are going to a networking event, a job interview or starting your own business, the first impression is important. Always. And you only have one chance to make it right.

Consider this: would you get a haircut from a hairdresser whose hair looks unwashed or unkept? Would you take a sales assistant seriously during your shopping trip if they looked like they rolled straight out of bed? No, duh. Both the hairdresser and sales assistant should look like they have an understanding of their profession. So, get out of your comfortzone and think outside the box to show people who you are. Show them that you take yourself and your goals seriously.

It’s all in the details. Wear a striking color lipstick, and not the lipbalm you’ve been using since you were 12. Wear some color instead of the neverending black and grey. Choose clothing in which your figure really shines and not something that is as comfortable as your jogging suit. You have so much to offer!

You could also go to a hair stylist instead of a regular hair dresser. Someone who is specialized in giving you personal hair advice that fits best with your face shape. Or even better, get advice from a personal shopper and image consultant (such as myself ;)) and book a personal shopping session.

You don’t have to become a fashion obsessed girl who spends all her money in order to look good. Wearing the right clothes and colors that best fit you and your figure, will already do wonders and ensure a powerful first impression”


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