Review: Arlo Camera and doorbell system

Let me start by addressing my frustration with various package delivery services. I work in my home office most of the time, so I’m at home 90% of the time when the doorbell rings and a delivery man is in front of the door. Hopefully, Arlo Camera and doorbell system can make that process more comfortable.

My home office is on the top floor of my three-floor house, so it is a stroll to get to the door in time. Various times I just saw the delivery car live within my eye side, other times I just didn’t hear the bell ring. I know first world problems, but still, it is causing some frustration.

Setting up

So when the people of Arlo where so kind to let me test there doorbell and security camera system. Let me tell you about my experience.
I received three packages in the mail from Arlo. Arlo Audio Doorbell, Arlo Ultra 4F UHD Wire-Free Security System – 1 Camera Kit and Arlo Chime.

So let me just start by saying, I didn’t do my homework so I just was completely blank on what to expect. I started with opening up the Arlo Audio Doorbell and install the iPhone app and immediately discovered there had to be a base station somewhere.

It wasn’t clear on the box, but the Arlo Ultra came with the base system. I set up the base system, it was very easy, just plugin in an ethernet cable and power. When it is found by the app, it immediately found the doorbell.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

The doorbell has a clean design in fashionable white with shiny black details. It has a big ring button and that’s it. You can set it up wireless or connect it with your already there wiring. The doorbell is lighting up sometimes what makes me wonder how long the batteries will last.

How does it work

Someone rings and the connected phone will get the ‘call’. You can pick it up or deny the door ring. When you pick up you can talk to the person in front of the door. In my case super handy, so I can tell it will take a while to take two stairs down. You also can send pre-programmed messages as ‘I’m not interested’.

When you cancel the doorbell call, the ringer will get the option to leave a message. The recording can be found on the Arlo app.

Combined with Arlo Chime

Arlo Chime is a great accessory for the Arlo Audio Doorbell. It is a small speaker to stick in a wall outlet, so you can hear the doorbell on every floor you like, or maybe even a shad when it has the same wifi as the doorbell.

Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security System – 1 Camera Kit

The Arlo Ultra was a surprise for me. I just thought I would test a smart doorbell, not a security camera. The camera has a smooth design and is quite small. What I don’t like about security system at ‘normal’ home is that it looks like the house has something to offer. So maybe it will be a nice house to break into.

I’m a bit conscious about it. But the camera I small, so easy to hide in a not so obvious spot. It detects movements and starts a recording of the movement. It also records the audio in that case. That was a bit surprising to me. All the recording can be found in the Arlo app.


I didn’t research it very well but I wonder where all the information on my Arlo system is stored and how it is secured. When you use a camera security system you have to look up the country rules and laws about the privacy of public space. To see how you can point the camera on the street in front of the home.


Great product line! I’m excited about the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime. I’m still about cautioned about a security system but I like the idea of it, so I will give it a try.

Arlo Audio Doorbell: $79.99
Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security System – 1 Camera Kit: $399.99
Arlo Chime: $49.99

Review: Arlo Camera and doorbell system
Great app
Works smooth
Audio on camera recording
Privacy is a ?


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