Propose with this Instagram phone case!

Propose with this special Instagram phone case, perfect for Instagram couples and bridal influencers. I’m talking about the Rokshok, a storage place and frame in one. ?

The Rokshok is a phone case that 1) serves as a storage place for the ring and 2) provides the perfect frame to film the proposal (the reaction of your other half). The team behind Rokshok has researched that 79% of the couples announce their engagement on social media and 62% immediately put a picture of it online. Pictures of engagement rings? About 57% of the women post them online! And men, you’re already doing well! 41% hire a photographer / videographer to record the special moment.

How does the Rokshok work?

Take out the ring, go on one knee and say the magic words. The love of your life will be filmed (you have to turn the camera on yourself, there is no app included) and the case is designed so that the ring can be seen at the bottom of the screen. ? Perfect to share the moment via social media and with friends and family. Tears guaranteed! You can also stream your proposal right away (via Instagram, Facebook or Youtube).

The price starts at $ 39.95 and from June 2017 on they are available. You can already pre-order.

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