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The official travel checklist for your phone

I am traveling to Indonesia (Sulawesi) in a little less than 5 weeks. It is the first time going to Asia for me, and I could not be more excited to visit. Traveling requires a lot of planning: hotels, money, outfits, and those pesky vaccinations. On top of that, I, of course, need to get my tech sorted out, as well. I am not taking my laptop with me, so I have to rely on my phone. Here are my 5 favorite phone accessories for traveling!

Phone accessory #1 – A power bank

Obviously. Having a dead battery is the absolute worst. iPhones are not known for their long battery life, so having a power bank ready in the middle of the jungle would be nice. Just have to be sure to charge both the phone and the power bank at night.

In my experience though, the quality of power banks differs a lot. I have a cheap pink one (what color did you expect?). It gets the job done, but the cables that come with it are, first of all, short and also break easily. This time I am going for one with higher quality. One that can charge my phone twice. I have done some research, and this means buying a power bank with 5200 mAh (milliampere per hour). A device with that capacity can charge an iPhone twice, and some Android phones around one and a half times.

The prices of such power banks are cheaper than I expected. I looked around on Google Shopping and the average price is €20. If that means being able to take pictures and using internet all day, I’ll do it!

Intenso 5200mah | Fresh ‘n Rebel | Xiaomi 5200mah

Phone accessory #2 – Portable wifi hotspot

I saw Jessica from Cocoa Chelsea (#fangirling) use a wifi hotspot on her Italian adventure, and I thought: why not? Well, the name says it all. When using this device it is possible to share pictures, update social media or just plainly use the internet anywhere. I have never worked with one before, and I was quite skeptical because of the internet costs that come with it. However, after some research I found the Skyroam Hotspost (available here) which looks promising.

I am debating whether to buy the Skyroam Hotspot or a local sim card. This all depends on my long term travel plans. When traveling often, a portable wifi hotspot is most likely cheaper to use than a new sim card for every country visisted. Suggestions?

Phone accessory #3 – A sturdy phonecase

I should have followed my own advice a little earlier. A few weeks ago, I dropped my phone, and my screen shattered into a 1000 pieces. I even got some glass in my finger trying to unlock my phone. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, I’m sure you are sick of me talking about this. Sorry about that.

In order not to make the same mistake twice, especially when traveling, I am buying a waterproof, shockproof phone case. No, these types of cases are not pretty, but of course that is not what I am going for.

Next to a phone case, I will also need to buy a screen protector. There is no way in this world my screen will break a second time. The glass protectors are a thin piece of tempered glass that will stick to the screen. They come in all shapes and sizes and are cheap (around €7).

Really. I am embarrassed just typing this. Why didn’t I buy this earlier?! Such a small investment.

Metal waterproof dustproof shockproof case | Shockproof TPU case | Mobilize shockproof case

essentials for your phone

Phone accessory #4 – Noise canceling headphones

If I am going to fly for more than 14 hours, I better have noise canceling headphones. I do not want to hear babies crying during take off and landing (I know, I’m that person, I’m sorry). Although I am not particularly afraid of flying, listening to music does help me relax in the plane. Music in itself is a travel essential, really.

I am hoping to find a pair of over-ear headphones from Bose, for example. For some reason, I feel like over-ear are more comfortable and are better at canceling noise than in-ear headphones. But that is just personal preference.

Bose QuietComfort 35 | Teufel Mute | Sennheiser MM550-X

Phone accessory #5 – Lenses

Yay for smartphones! I love taking pictures with my phone (yes, also selfies), and I love taking pictures with special easy-to-attach lenses to make them even better! Also, lenses can create extra effects such as the fish eye lens, certain filters, or macro/micro lenses. Some lenses are clip-on, others have a magnetic casing.

I actually bought a set of lenses last year when I went to Kefalonia, Greece (look it up on Google, it’s gorgeous), but I never used them. Such a shame! This year, I am giving myself a second chance in using the lenses.

Universal clip-on 3-1 lenses | Manfrotto Klyp Fisheye | 4-in-1 10X

Do you use any of these accessories when traveling? Or is there something you can’t live without that is missing on my list? I want to know!

P.s. oh, and yes, I am also taking a selfiestick. No shame whatsoever.


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