Wraps Wristband Headphones

For those of you who often lose earbuds: Wraps Wristband Headphones

Don’t deny it. You lost your earbuds at one time or another. Or worse, they got tangled up in your handbag. Well, the solution is here. Wraps Wristband headphones are earbuds that you can wear around your wrist as a bracelet or as a necklace. Be fashionable and a techie all at once.

Fashionable tech

You all know, I am a big fan of the fashion and technology mix. I want my tech to function well and look good. Nothing wrong with that. Wraps earbuds can be wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet. The earphones’ plug attaches to a special holder so the earphones can go around. Unlike “regular” earphones, the Core wire is covered with a faux leather braid-like texture. This makes the wire extra sturdy.

The sound is decent, good enough for listening to music on the go or taking calls. The earbuds are in-ear headphones and they come in different collections (colors and textures). Of course the earbuds also contain a universal button on the wire so you can answer phone calls or skip to the next song.

My Wraps Wristband Headphones

I have been wearing my Wraps for about a week, and I’ve got no complaints. The faux leather is pretty strong, the earphones have not tangled at all. I actually like the wire a lot better than the ones on regular earphones. I have a feeling I won’t have to replace these soon, like I have with iPhone earphones, for example. Wraps has plenty of choice on their website. My personal favorite is the Core collection because the metal colors match my phone’s color. The only downside for me is the in-ear design. I personally prefer to wear regular earbuds or over-ear headphones. But that’s different for everyone. Overall, cute, fashionable design with good sound.


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