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Mime et Moi shoe review

A while back I’ve written an article about innovative shoes with exchangeable heels. It was a Kickstarter Campaign and I backed it a while ago.

Now the moment is here! The shoes and heels arrived. Time to review.

Gif from mime et moi kickstarter page

The shoes

The shoes are soooo awesome. It was a guess beforehand how high the quality would turn out to be, but the quality turned out to be quite impressive. Really nice finish, the footbed is really soft and quite thick. There are no painful stitches on the connection seams and the colors and materials are great.

Possibilities are endless

The heels

The quality of the heels is great as well. The colors and the finish are extraordinary. I know this sounds like a sponsored review, but it’s not. I’m really that enthusiastic.

My collection of Mime et Moi heels

The click system

I wondered if the shoes would be heavy, but they’re really light and comfortable on the feet. The heels ‘click’ on and off very easily but not easily enough to lose a heel.

Easy from flat to high in a split of a second


I had some problems with the delivery service and got a wrong set of heels, but the customer service was just awesome. Big thumbs up for that!

Always flats in your (smallest) handbag


I can’t wait for summer (it’s still too cold over here to rock those heels)!

innovative shoes
Customer service


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