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Marvel at mezmerizing animations on Instagram

As a kid, I could look hours straight at my kaleidoscope. Shake it again and look at the beautiful patterns it made. Astonished by the colors and symmetrical patterns.

Now I have the same sort of same experience. I really like code animations on Instagram. I lose myself in this search for nice animations. In this article, I’ll show you some artists to watch.

The ones to watch

Joshua Davis

His animations are really colorful but dark and psychedelic.

Wblut (Frederik Vanhoutte)

I like the abstract animations which remind me of really old video games.

Zach Lieberman

He creates awesome organic animations. Great colors and shapes.

Saskia Freeke

A female touch to the article. Just love the shapes, colors and style.

Need more!

Do you know more code based animators out there, feed my addition now and put them in the comments!


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