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Learn how to code with these online courses

So you want to learn how to code, huh? Me, too! It’s been on my wish and to-do list for almost a year. I can tell you a secret: I will launch a personal coding journey here on TechGirl.com. But for now, that’s between us. This post is about the best online courses, that I could find, that offer coding programs. Nowadays it’s as simple as logging in to an online school and following lessons through webinars.

Learn how to code here…

#1 Udemy

Of course, Udemy can’t miss in this list. I am personally enrolled at Udemy for a Swift course. But there are many other courses you can follow. Learn anything from HTML to Python. Be sure to check their website often. They usually have sales on their courses, meaning you can learn how to code for only $10. Yes, it’s that cheap.

Go here to enroll: www.udemy.com

#2 Code Academy

As the name suggests, Code Academy focusses on coding specifically. You can check out their catalog to find a fitting online course. They tell you how many hours the course takes, which I think is very useful. If you’re looking to enhance your skills even further, it’s possible to upgrade to the Pro program, giving you more quizzes, projects and advisors.

Prices vary, so check your courses here: www.codeacademy.com

#3 Code School

Code School works with paths. So each language is a path including several different courses. Let’s say you want to learn how to build a website from scratch, you choose the HTML/CSS path and follow 12 courses. However, it’s also possible to purchase individual courses. Are you a complete beginner and are not sure what path or course you would like to take? Take a free introductory class and see if the coding suits you. Code School works with a monthly plan of $29 a month or an annual plan of $174. You’re extra lucky if you’re a student since they give you a discount!

See what path to take here: www.codeschool.com

#4 Skillcrush

What I like best about Skillcrush is the focus on changing your career. There are several career blueprints you can purchase and you will be schooled from A-to-Z. Following a Skillcrush course means changing your career path! You can become a visual designer, web, front-end, or WordPress developer. Although the coding languages are limited, you will become an expert in one area. Furthermore, Skillcrush offers job vacancies, an online community and a mentor. So, what are you waiting for?

Change your career: www.skillcrush.com 


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