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Never lose your pictures again: iXpand Base for easy iPhone backups

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare: losing all your pictures and contacts. You may have stored your data in iCloud. But what if something happens to that? We’ve all heard horror stories of the iCloud being hacked. So what’s a better alternative? Using the iXpand Base, of course. Use this device for easy iPhone backups while you sleep.

Charge, backup, repeat

What is the one thing you do every night? Charge your phone. SanDisk knows this very well and created a device together with Western Digital  that charges and backups your iPhone at once. The iXpand Base is a small box-like device with an SD card. Connect the Base to power and then connect the phone to the Base. After installing the SanDisk app and connecting the phone by cable, the phone should backup immediately.

Easy iPhone backups

Every time the phone connects to the iXpand Base, a new backup will start. It will only back up your photos, videos and contacts. Therefore, your iCloud will still play a crucial role in having a copy of your data. The iXpand Base is a perfect option for those who want to have a “hard copy” backup on an SD card. It is possible to connect multiple iOS devices to the iXpand Base. The backup will store in different folders of the app.

The iXpand Base comes with different storage options: 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB. Check the website for your local prices.

Bedroom accessory?

Since you will be backing up your iPhone while you and your phone charge, the iXpand Base becomes a bedroom accessory. Is it bedside table approved? Maybe not so much. Although I like how the phone can rest on the Base, I don’t know if the box-like design is something I would have opted for. The two cables (power and lightning) that are attached to the Base kind of bother me as well. Especially in an age of wireless charging where I finally have a cable free environment, this is a minor downside for me.

However, function above else. It works. It’s nice to have a backup at hand when you need one, and the iXpand Base is a good solution. There are no monthly fees like with cloud services, the pictures and videos are stored in their original size and you can charge while backing up. This might be the perfect christmas gift for all iPhone users…hint


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