iphone photography tips

6 iPhone photography tips to make you a pro

Even if you have a fancy camera like me, you find yourself taking photos with your iPhone instead. Especially for social media, it’s easier to just shoot while you’re on the go. It’s quick and the results are pretty nice. BUT maybe your results can be a bit better! Try following these 6 iPhone photography tips to spruce up your photos.

iPhone photography tips

1. Activate your camera raster

Go to settings -> camera and activate the camera raster. It will show a raster on your camera mode. In the beginning you need to get used to it, but when you do, it can help you to create better photos. You can use the raster in your advantage when you want to make symmetrical photos. Or position items horizontally or vertically in the frame. Also, don’t forget the rule of thirds for photography.

tips to take better photos with your iPhone

2. Don’t use autofocus

You can focus the camera of the iPhone yourself! Just like you would do on a fancy camera. iPhone has great autofocus, but sometimes you need to get some other part in focus. In some cases, the autofocus wouldn’t work for a creative photo. For example, when you want to take a picture of a building and there is a reflection of the building in water, the autofocus might be set on the reflection. You want the building in focus. To do that, tap the part of the building you want to focus on and the iPhone will focus on that point.

iPhone photography tips

3. Set light balance

When you have set your focus point you can adjust the light balance as well. In some cases, you want to take a darker or lighter picture than the iPhone is suggesting. Focus on a point and move your finger up or down to set the light balance. You will see the little yellow sun go up and down.

4. Lock you focus and light balance

Do you want to take multiple pictures with the same settings? Focus, set the light balance and hold it a little bit longer. You will see an AE/AF-lock appear on your screen. The settings are locked right now.

iPhone photography tips

5. HDR use

When you want to take professional pictures with your iPhone, it is best to turn off HDR. Only use HDR when it’s needed. When you find yourself in a situation with a lot of contrast between the whites and darks, like a dark forest with a white sky, turn on HDR. The iPhone will make the sky a little bit darker and the forest lighter to make it look great.

iPhone photography tips

6. Burst mode

If you need to take a timed photo of jumping people or a walking man in the distance, you can use the burst mode. Use you shutter button and hold it for as long as you want. The iPhone will take a lot of pictures for you. When you go to your pictures folder you see “Burst” in the top left corner. In the bottom menu, you can push the select button. You will then see all the burst photos. The iPhone automatically picked the sharpest image. You can recognize it by the dot under the image. When you’ve selected the best images, you can choose to keep all or delete the ones you didn’t like.

Of course you can do a lot with pictures in post processing, but it’s better to start with a good photo. Show us your pictures using these iPhone photography tips. We are curious, and of course, have fun shooting!


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