Install an Email signature

Install html signature in Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail

This post is step 2 in the process of creating an email signature. You are now going to install an email signature in Apple mail and/or Outlook. If you haven’t created a custom email signature yet, go read my previous post here.

I am so happy with my result, honestly. Creating an email signature was a struggle for me, too. Procastination to the max. My blogpost forced me to make one, and I’m happy I did because in the week that followed, I received a bunch of business mails. Coincidence? I think not.

This How To Tuesday is split from my previous post because otherwise the signature tutorial would have been too long. Apple Mail is great, but my oh my, I can understand why you guys asked me where to install it. Look no further. I got you. We’re going to install an email signature in Apple Mail first, and then I’ll cover where to put it in Outlook.

Before you start, make sure you have your html code ready to copy and paste. Quick “disclaimer”, I use mac OS Sierra. I hope my method works on earlier versions, as well. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!

Install email signature in Apple Mail

Open Apple Mail and go to Mail >> Preferences. Then choose Signatures. Click on the account you want to create your signature for (if you have multiple accounts), and click on the + sign. Give you signature a name, for example your brand’s name.

Email Signature Apple

When you’re finished, go Composing. At the top, you should select Richt Text. What that means, is that you will be able to see text formatting such as bold, italic and underline, for example. You want to compose your messages in richt text because your signature might contain it.

Then click a button to the left, namely Viewing. The Load remote content in messages box should be checked. When you’re viewing your messages, you want your logo and/or social media buttons that you’ve stored on your website’s server to show up in your email.

Specs to fill your email signature

Ok, you can click the settings away and quit Apple Mail completely.

Go to Finder and find Go in the menu at the top. Go to Home and hover over that. Now here’s a little trick: press alt. The menu item Library should appear below Home. Click on Library.

In the library, find the folders Mail >> MailData >> Signatures. You should see files similar to the ones below.

storage structure

Look for the .mailsignature file that was changed today. That is the file you just created by making a signature in Apple Mail. Open the file. If it doesn’t open, try right clicking and opening the file in TextEditor. The following file should appear:

Code Email

Leave the text at the top alone, but delete the text that starts with “<body”. Now it’s time to place your html code in this file. Copy the code and past it in the .mailsignature file. Once you’ve done that, go to the top and click on the small arrow on the right side of the file name. Then check the box next to Locked.

Editing email signature

Close the file and Finder.

Start Apple Mail back up. Start writing a message and choose the signature in the right hand corner. Tadaa! You did it!

TechinHeels email signature

Install html signature in Outlook (hotmail, live)

Go to a browser (any browser) and click on File >> Open File… Choose your email signature html file. Select and copy the whole thing.

Go to your settings in the top right hand corner and choose options. In the options menu, first check if your email is set to HTML formatting by clicking on Message format.

1. 2.  3. 

If you’re done, go to Email signature in the menu and paste your signature in the white box. Then click Save.

TechInHeels Signature in Outlook

Install html signature in Gmail

For Gmail, the steps are quite similar to Outlook Email steps. Go to a browser (any browser) and click on File >> Open File… Choose your email signature html file. Select and copy the whole thing.

TechinHeels email signature

Open your gmail and go to your settings. Scroll down to where you signature. Paste your signature in the white field. Save your settings.

Email Signature in GMail Setting up a Gmail signature

That’s it!


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