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Instagram’s Algorithm – benefit of the doubt?

We’ve all heard about it: Instagram’s algorithm change. No longer will posts be seen chronologically, but by relevancy. There have been many negative reactions to the new algorithm, but is it really that bad?

When I first heard the news, I was quite skeptical. Mostly because I was so used to seeing pictures in posting order on Instagram. To me, the posting sequence characterized Instagram. Accepting change on a social media platform has proven to be a little difficult. But like many changes on social media, including the new like options on Facebook, they will eventually be embraced. It’s just a matter of learning to use the medium in a new way: creating and getting used to new conventions.

Seeing posts by how relevant they are to your account can have its benefits. If a post is relevant to a follower, big chance they will like your picture. I believe this creates more genuine likes, and a bigger opportunity to create a loyal follower base. People might actually be interested in your content (*gasp*).

All jokes aside, I have to agree the thought of an algorithm scared me too. But let’s not judge too quickly. The worst thing that can happen is that we end up with fewer, but more meaningful, likes. Don’t forget the algorithm is also in your own hands. Liking posts you actually like will reshape your feed. You are also in control. It’s give and take!

I’m going to give Instagram the benefit of the doubt, try it out, and review in a couple of weeks. I do have to admit though, I am still on the chronological feed, and will try to enjoy the old way for just a little longer! ?


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