TechGirl event

Hurray! turned two today!

Oh no we are a toddler with a tantrum, covered in stickiness and loving the sentence: “No, No, No.” Joking aside: turned 2 years old today. A nice moment to reflect on the past 2 years which were bumpy, but so much fun.

Articles and authors

We wrote 189 articles in the past 2 years. Written by 12 different authors.


We got 34.362 visitors with more than 8000 regulars! The most popular article is the beats rockbox slide.

TechGirl in the future

We are working on expanding our team. So if you are interested, please let us know. In the meantime the TechGirl squad is reviewing a new product, writing interesting tech articles and discover new tech artist on Instagram. We will keep you posted on loads of new stuff!


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