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How to back-up photos and videos online

We’re in the era of taking pics of everything. A few selfies during the day, a pic of your food in that amazing downtown restaurant and don’t even get me started on those cute pics you (read I) take of my cats and dog when they do something hilarious/cute (read: sleeping, yawning and/or just be alive). But how to back-up photos and videos like that?

Your worst nightmare

If you’re like me, you don’t save every funny selfie or food pic. But, some photos you can’t live without. The amazing photoshoot you did at that festival last summer or the pics taken at your best friend’s wedding. It would be a nightmare to lose those.

There are a few ways to store your photos. Some people leave them on their phone or upload them to their computer. Maybe you even have an external hard drive where you upload your photos to from time to time. Unfortunately there is always a chance that something could happen to your phone before you get the chance to upload them and to lose all your photos. Luckily there are a couple of ways to prevent that from happening.

Storage, storage, storage

With the amount of 4K videos we shoot, you’ll probably need more than 5GB. When you need more than 5GB, but no more than 100GB, the most affordable way to store your photos and videos is via Amazon Clouddrive. You can choose to back-up your pics on a scheduled time through your desktop, but you can also get the Amazon Clouddrive app on your phone and enable the auto-save feature to back up your photos and videos instantly.

When you’d also like to back-up documents or other important work, it’ll be worth your while to take a look at Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive or Apple iCloud. But if you’re looking for a back-up program for your pics and vids only, Amazon’s your girl.

Let’s talk business

Okay, let’s talk prices. Amazon Clouddrive gives you 100GB for $11,99 (about €11,-) a year. Dropbox is selling 1TB for €9,99 a month (up to 2GB for the free version), but Dropbox gives you a lot more than just a back-up for photos and videos. Going on to Microsoft One Drive: €2,- a month for 50GB in storage (or 5GB for free). Google Drive lets you take up 100GB for €19,99 a year. When you’ll only need 15GB, choose Google Drive – it’s free! Side note: when you have a Google email address, it will take up storage from that 15GB too. Finally: Apple iCloud is free up to 5GB and will charge €0,99 a month for 50GB. Note that iCloud also allows you to store other documents and that may come in handy.

For your convenience you can see the information listed above, in the table below:

Amazon Clouddrive Dropbox Microsoft One Drive Google Drive Apple iCloud
Price per month No monthly payment €9,99 €2,- €1,99 €0,99
Price per year $11,99 (about €11,-) No annual payment No annual payment €19,99 No annual payment
Storage 100GB 1TB (1000GB) 50GB 100GB 50GB
Free up to 5GB (with Amazon Prime) 2GB 5GB 15GB 5GB
Possibility to store other documents no yes yes yes yes


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