how does vero work

How does Vero work?

You couldn’t have missed it in the news this week, the social media platform Vero suddenly became super popular. Many Instagrammers shared on Stories that they had joined Vero. Although the network has been around since 2015, the sudden uproar is no surprise. With Instagram’s failing algorithms, people are looking for a new platform.

There has also been some uproar about the founders of Vero. Vero is founded by , who previously owned. This company did not pay (and treat) their employees well. So people have been hesitant joining this network.

However, if you are looking for a new social media network that allows sharing links and more than just pictures, this might be it for you.

How does Vero work?

Vero has 4 types of connections: close friends, friends, acquaintances and followers. Whenever you post something, you can choose which of your connections can see your post. If you want to share something personal, you can choose to do so with just your close friends, for example. This concept is not entirely new since you can do this on Facebook already, but it is a nice new addition if you want an Instagram type of app.

On Vero you can share photos/videos, links, recommendations of music, movies and books, and places. You can also share other people’s posts on your timeline and send direct messages.

If Vero is going to be the next big thing? We’ll have to wait to find out. For now, enjoy the hype and see what happens.


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