Hottest tech items as seen on Instagram

Listen up, Instagram is not just for beauty and fashion bloggers. Tech bloggers are coming up as little sprouts. Between all the fashionable pics in Paris and liquid lipstick shades are posts of pretty phone cases and wearables. Tech lovers, rejoice! As a true addict, I have curated the hottest tech items as seen on Instagram.

iDeal of Sweden

If you’ve missed these phone cases on your feed, you should be ashamed of yourself. iDeal of Sweden is the hottest phone case brand in town at the moment. They have very fashionable prints and good quality products. Below are some of my favorite cases from this collection.

as seen on instagramas seen on instagramas seen on instagramas seen on instagram

Pop Sockets

These small attachable sockets prevent clumsy people (like me) from dropping their phone. I’ve had one for a few months now, and the amount of times my phone has fallen from my hands has decreased by at least 50%. Pop Sockets is a brand, but there are many different stores that sell them.

as seen on instagram as seen on instagram as seen on instagramas seen on instagram

Music and Chill

This. This is the sweatshirt you’ve been waiting for if you still listen to earphones with cords. Cords are not fashionable, and they should not be show as an accessory. Unless they’re Wraps. This sweatshirt hides cords and has a whole where the earphones can come through near the neck. No more white strings across your outfit.

as seen on instagram  as seen on instagram

Rose Gold

No, we’re still not over the rose gold and marble trend. Sorry, not sorry. And this translates to phone cases, Pop Sockets, but also earbuds. These earphones are Insta-proof.

as seen on instagramas seen on instagram

True Zoom

I was at a tech press event earlier this year, and was introduced to the Hasselblad True Zoom case for any Moto Z phone. This detachable back cover turns the smartphone into a camera instantly. It’s so easy to use and the pictures have a much better quality. This works especially well for the photographer on the go. However, you do need to own a Motorola phone…so get that one first.

as seen on instagram


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