Holographic accessories for your laptop and smartphone

Holographic accessories for your laptop and smartphone

If you don’t love holographic accessories as much as I do right now, it’s best not to read this post. If you do decide to continue to read, you might want to put on some sunglasses. The holographic trend is everywhere. The make-up and fashion industries have blown up this movement, so it’s only fair us techies jump on the bandwagon, too. No, Apple has not yet come out with a holographic Macbook, but who knows…

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For now, let’s stick to holographic accessories. I don’t particularly have a laptop bag, which might seem kind of strange for someone who takes her laptop everywhere. Up until now, I’ve always carried my laptop in one of my favorite sleeves and in a regular handbag. However, carrying a laptop in shoulder bag can get quite exhausting. Especially, since I walk everywhere. (Don’t judge, it’s the only exercise I get…). A backpack seemed to be a better option. Maybe not the most fashionable, feminine option, but I can make an exception for this holographic version! Obsessed. I feel like a true unicorn.

holographic accessories

After this shoot, I was definitely inspired to go look for more holographic accessories. The first thing I can think of is a phone case. I have been shopping around, and I think this one is my favorite. It’s not too in your face and it’s by Rebecca Minkoff, so come one! Stella McCartney has a holographic phone case, too, but I’m not sure about the shark shape… It’s on sale though!

Let me know what you think: are you into the whole holographic trend?


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