Grocery shopping going digital

Given the rapid growth of home delivery in the supermarket branch recently, many of us seem to choose convenience over experience while grocery shopping. And the ‘grocery shopping landscape’ will soon be even more different.

Supermarket chains are currently experimenting with innovative ways of paying for groceries – both in-store and at home. By expanding new ways of payment, consumers now get more freedom and flexibility in when, where and how to pay their weekly stock of groceries. There used to be two options when doing our groceries: paying cash or by either credit or debit card. Throughout the years, we’ve been getting more and more rid of paying in cash. Soon, even taking our wallet with us seems to be a thing of the past.

In-store grocery shopping

Physical, in-store grocery shopping has been undergoing some innovative changes lately. Collecting and scanning our own collected groceries at the fast ‘basket’ lanes or using so called ‘hand scanners’ makes it now possible to skip the checkout line. And for the ones who were still loyal to the cashiers, digital ways of paying were introduced more recently, such as by putting a smartphone- or watch on the pin device.

Soon, the cash desk will also become history: Dutch and American (grocery) chains, such as Albert Heijn, Spar and Amazon, are now experimenting with paying after leaving the store. By scanning every item you put in your basket through a tailored app, which supports scanning (QR-)codes in-store, the app will calculate the total amount. When finished, you will be sent a payment request.

This ‘tap-and-go’ principle allows you to pay the groceries while already sitting in the train on the way back home. Or at the spot, when you’ve forgotten to take your wallet. The first pilots show promising results when it comes to time spent in-store and even expected theft increase numbers stayed out: win-win.

Home delivery

Some prefer even more flexibility, having become attached to the luxury of not having to leave the home to get the pantry stocked up, preferring to get their groceries delivered. Also here, some changes have been introduced by grocery chains lately. Again, before we could either pay on beforehand online or pay the delivery boy in cash or with a card on the spot.

Now, many supermarkets offer the option to let the deliverer provide you with a QR-code that is linked with the app of the relevant supermarket, which will forward you a payment request of your own banking house. Skipping the line 2.0.

It only seems a matter of time until all supermarkets have turned into personnel-less shops and we can get our groceries (delivered) anywhere and anytime we want, including our own payment preferences.

How about you? Do you still prefer grocery shopping the ‘old-fashioned way’, or would you go for the fast and flexible style?


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