Gotcha: Find out if your password has been hacked

Last week a world-wide search engine went online, containing millions of e-mail addresses and passwords. The data comes from data leaks from f.e. Dropbox, Uber and LinkedIn. It’s time to check whether your e-mail address is in the list (and whether you need to adjust your password a.s.a.p.!).

Gotcha: the search engine for passwords

The online search engine for passworsd (Gotcha) can be reached via Enter your e-mail address (or a domain name) and check if you’re in the database. If you are, the first two characters of your password are visible. All data in the database comes from hackes between 2004 and 2017, but – according to the website – people never change their passwords. Wake-up call!

Checking whether you have been hacked can also be done via

You can also check for your leaked data. You do this by entering your e-mail address. It’s immediately visible from which website your data was leaked.

Some of the biggest websites with data leaks are LinkedIn, Adobe, Badoo, Uber and MySpace. So there is a good chance that your e-mail address will also be included in the list. Change your passwords regularly! 


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