Rockbox Slice review

Fresh ‘N Rebel Rockbox – the powerful pink speaker!

The sun’s out, the drinks are cold, what beter way to celebrate than with some music? This week I tested out the Fresh ‘N Rebel Rockbox. A small yet powerful speaker that connects to bluetooth with minimal effort. Great for on-the-go and for going to the beach.

Rockbox specs

It’s a ‘tiny but mighty’ speaker that connects wirelessly to all different devices. The Fresh ‘N Rebel Rockbox is ‘made for design lovers as much as for music lovers’, and it doesn’t disappoint. It is covered in special woven fabric, hence the name Fabriq Edition, and comes in many different colors. With this many different options, it’s possible to buy one for every mood you’re in. The lightweight, travel-sized speaker promises 8 hours of music while being connected by bluetooth to smartphones or tablets. The Rockbox also comes with an aux and charging cable.



Unboxing this little fellow was truly a party. I laughed so hard when I read the sign ‘unleash your Rockbox’ on the side. The packaging goes well with the design of the Rockbox itself. Of course I couldn’t resist picking the pink speaker, but I only found out the name of the color during the unboxing. Cupcake, how appropriate? Naturally, I turned on my bluetooth and the speaker to see if it would work. Thank goodness it was charged and let out this cute “ping” sound to let me know it was connected. I kind of fell in love with the Rockbox before even testing it…

Long-lasting battery

The speaker prides itself on +/- 8 hours of non-stop music. I saw this promise as a personal challenge, so I decided to fully charge the battery using the USB cable, and use the Rockbox on my day off. Now, I forgot to look at the time, but I can assure you the Rockbox successfully played during most of my day. I then decided to enjoy the weather outside and take the speaker with me to the beach. And even there it kept playing.

The Rockbox has a small light on the back, showing if it has enough battery life to continue. The speaker will also let out a couple of “pings” to warn you the battery is running low.


Besides the colors, my favorite thing about the Rockbox is its connectivity. Once it has been connected to a device through bluetooth, it can connect instantly the next time you turn on the speaker. I also like the fact that I can have my phone in one room and the Rockbox in another. During the week that I tested the product, it never had trouble connecting or did it lose the connection. Big plus for me! Given, my house isn’t very large, but still. Even connecting the device outside at the beach didn’t cause any problems.

“Where can I get this speaker?”

I can hear you thinking this question through my screen! Fresh ‘N Rebel products are available worldwide. They have many different speakers and headphones. This Rockbox Cube Frabiq Edition (1RB1000 BC) is available for (only) €29,99.

Tiny speaker
Photo by Fresh ‘N Rebel

Rockbox Slice review
Affordable speaker
Quality sound for inside
Good Bluetooth connections
Turn up the volume for maximum effect
Can't take phone too far away or the connection is lost


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