Review – Firebase Summit Madrid 2019 was amazing


At the end of September, I have attended the Firebase Summit held by Google in Madrid, Spain. In this post, I am going to give you more insights on this amazing one-day conference!

What is firebase summit

Firebase Summit held by Google is a one-day technology-focused event, that is also used for community building.

Firebase summit 2019 Madrid opening talk

What’s included ?

  • A lot of talks
    • Including web and mobile contents, all the interesting talks around Firebase tools
    • You can find the whole conference schedule here:
  • Awesome hands-on code lab!
    • There are 4 sessions professional lead hands-on code labs that you could learn and use the latest Firebase tools under guidance. Furthermore, Firebase volunteers/experts are friendly and passionate to answer any questions regarding of the Firebase related issues
    • Google provides awesome tutorial for firebase related application online, there are many resources you could find from website. Besides, the examples are easy to follow and understand, and you learn a lot of cool firebase features from following only 7-8 steps, then you apply the learned skills on the example provided and hands-on experience. Isn’t it awesome? So far, this is one of the most well-designed tutorials I have ever seen!
  • Awesome Spanish food!
    • During 3 break times, plus the breakfast, there are always plenty of delicious snacks and coffee and drinks that to make sure literally everyone can get a real break time and energize for the following talks! 
  • The venue is spacious
    • The venue can accommodate at least 500-1000 people without feeling crowded or physically too close to people. Therefore, it is easy breezy for attendees to enjoy the conference and talking to people in a very cozy nice environment. 

Interesting talks

In this one-day one track tech talk event, full of amazing and professional presentations from the Google Firebase community. Moreover, its very well-organized and well-trained speakers make the talks attractive and informative. For instance, the Firebase extension is one of the new features that is still under alpha during this conference. I find it really amazing and useful from a developer’s point of view. Thus, you should definitely try it out if you are using Firebase in your application!

It’s another interesting thing about the monitoring and altering feature that Firebase provided. Concluding, streamline services that Firebase provides are really easy for developers to ship their app faster and without anxieties. 

Learnings and takeaways

  • Firebase extensions! This is the alpha feature you will be looking forward when developing your app. 
  • Firebase crashlytics help you grow the app faster.
  • Women tech maker has a well-organized breakfast reception in the summit, networking and meeting all awesome women in tech is just an amazing part of the conference!
  • My advice for you: attend at least one code lab and meet at least 5 new faces, and enjoy the rest of the conference!


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