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Find your Marie Kondo app for spring cleaning/declutter

I wish I found cleaning as exhilarating as Marie Kondo does. Well, not really. But it would be easier if she was cheering you on right? Since she might not be available for just everybody, I decided to find an Marie Kondo app to help during spring cleaning this season. I did the research so you no longer have to. So after reading this article you can stop procrastinating and start doing some work 😉 

The first thing I checked of course, is if there was an app by the cleaning guru herself. There used to be one: KonMari (iOS), but sadly it is not available at the moment. Then I tried if there was an app that might cheer you on. No luck in that department either. I did some more digging and found out there’s a whole cleaning app world out there. Just like the Marie Kondo app!

Are you up for a cleaning frenzy? Then you might consider these apps worthwhile:


This app (iOS) helps you create a routine structure for your home cleaning. You can schedule tasks for certain parts of the day and the reminders function will help you out. It doesn’t come free though: €5,49.

Marie Kondo app alternative: Tody

This app (iOS) comprehends a smart task list for controlling your daily/weekly/monthly cleaning routines. Fun, because it shows you the progress you’ve made per room in a colorful bar. This one ain’t free either: €7,99.


This app (iOS/Android) will help you tackle your cleaning tasks with easy tips, a schedule and reminders, It also offers interior design ideas. And the best thing: it’s free of charge!

Want to embed more apps in your home organization? Then you might want to try these:

  • Sortly (inventory made easy, this app lets you store images of everything you own, so you can easily search for things when you need them) (iOS and Android)
  • The Fridge (described as your personal fridge assistant: you enter food and expiry dates as you unpack your groceries and the app will remind you when they’re about to expire) (iOS)
  • Snupps (easy to organize stuff and it also offers a ‘sell’ option when you do not need it anymore. And another handy feature is that you can add where you keep items so it’s easily found when needed) (iOS/Android)
  • Scannable (digitalizes all your papers as it works as a scanner. You can add the documents to Evernote (another app).
  • ChoreMonster (want to share chores with your roommates or your kids? This is the way to go.) (iOS/Android)
  • Wunderlist (The ultimate to do-list app, and not just for cleaning lists. Handy feature: you can share lists (grocery list/cleaning lists) with family members or roommates) (iOS/Android)


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