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Favorite wearables that benefit (mental) health

Let’s be honest: wearables haven’t been around us for a very long time. Yet, they are taking over our lives. When they first appeared, they were either a smaller version of a smartphone or focused on sports, such as the Fitbit. Now, you can find a wearable for almost anything. Even one that helps you improve your posture!

Although I was quite skeptical at first (why have a wearable, when you have a smartphone?), I am slowly getting used to the idea and am actually obsessed with some of the product designs (Ringly, for example). There are some wearables, though, that immediately sparked my attention because they benefit a healthy lifestyle (either mentally or physically). Here are my favorite wearables that benefit (mental) health!


Vinaya is a company that designs wearables with a focus on emotional technology. Their wearables are
designed so that you spend less time on your smartphone and only giving you the necessary alerts. Their blogpost about the influence of technology on emotional and physical well-being explains Vinaya’s purpose very well (read it here).

The design of the jewelry is stunning. It’s a wearable you actually want show off. It doesn’t look techie or futuristic at all (which, to me, is a good thing). The bracelets, rings and necklaces come in gold, silver and rose and are combined with a black band.

I first came across Vinaya on Instagram, and I have been obsessed ever since. As soon as money comes in, I’m buying one. ASAP.

favorite wearables


ELF Emmit

ELF Emmit looks like a backwards headband that sends electromagnetic pulses to your mind to help you relax. The wearable has five different moods. Each mood has a different speed of electromagnetic pulses that changes the rhythm of the mind to help you relax, sleep or concentrate better.

I love the idea. Especially since it helps with relaxation and concentration, maybe even meditation. This should be really beneficial coming home after a long stressful day at work. There are, however, two things the ELF Emmit can improve on. First, I feel like the device should be wireless. But good news: the owner commented on Indiegogo that they are working on that. So, maybe soon! Second, I wonder how tight the headband is because I sleep like a hurricane, and I need the headband to stay in place without it becoming uncomfortable. Other than that, I would love try it out!


Before I comment on Livia, let me remind you this is a female nerd blog. So don’t go crazy on me. Livia is a wearable for menstrual pain! Yay! Livia stimulates the nerves to block the pain signals from passing to the brain. It basically distracts the nerve endings. You wear it by sticking two patches near the areas you usually have cramps. The patches connect to a little (colorful, I might add!) box that you can put in your pocket or hang from your jeans.

After reading the reviews, I’m convinced this product works. Although I don’t necessarily need it, I would like to try it out. I mean, using technology to relieve pain is awesome.


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