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Designer wearables: I want them all!

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article online about Kate Spade designing wearables. Obviously, the excitment was real. Technology, wearables in particular, is becoming more stylish, and for good reason. A wearable is so much more than an activity tracker. We want to wear it without looking like we just left the gym. Thank goodness designers are chipping in to change the look and feel of wearables. We can now shamelessly wear them to work or going out.

Tory Burch designed for Fitbit quite a while ago. In 2014, Tory Burch launched a Fitbit accessory that functions as a bracelet around the tracker. Fitbit immediately looked a lot sexier. However, the accessory was just a casing and not an actual wearable itself.

Fossil is changing the game. The brand is on a mission to spruce up all wristwatches. Earlier this year, the brand announced they wanted to have over 100 wearables on the market in 2016. Well, they’re not kidding apparently. Google the terms “Fossil” and “wearable” and you’ll get the full list. Besides their own Q wearables, they are also behind the Kate Spade and Michael Kors collection (among many others).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the Kate Spade collection. Also, I am still really obsessed with Vinaya. Which one should I get first?!

What wearables are you obsessed with and do you want to buy? Tweet me, Instagram me, DM me. I’m curious!

Kate Spade

Alright, the collection is not quite there, but coming November we will be able to enjoy Kate Spade wearables! The collection consists of a smartwatch and two fitness trackers (a bangle and a silicon one). I can’t with the cat ears. WANT.

designer wearables

Kate Spade wearable technology

The technology will not be very different from other wearables. These products will track movement and sleep, control music, volume and camera, and send you notifications. Kate Spade wearables will range from $125 (€119) to $250 (€239). Shut up and take my money.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is on a roll. He is launching smartwatches and fitness trackers. MK designed two smartwatches: the Bradshaw (Carrie, is that you?) and the Dylan. The smartwatches run on Android Wear, but are compatible with iOS as well. The watch is capable of tracking fitness, receiving alerts and notifications, and is voice activated. The background of the watch can be changed with one swipe though. You can even set a time for the background to change automatically. Perfect for going with any look.

Michael Kors wearable

Michael Kors | The Bradshaw Access

The watches look like Michael Kors watches: big and in your face. In most reviews I have read online, people complain about the size. But if you are a fan of MK, the size shouldn’t be a surprise. The Access watches retail for $350 (€310).


Michael Kors fitness tracker

Next Michael Kors is also coming out with the Access Crosby fitness tracker. Now, this is a fitness tracker you actually want to wear! These look like fancy bracelets. The Access Crosby is compatible with iOS and Android. But then again, the tracker and your smartphone won’t interact much. The Access Crosby only sends data to some apps, and will be able to control your music and take a picture.

Uhm, pink one please.

Iris Apfel & WiseWear

Well, not really a designer as much as a style icon. Iris Apfel knows fashion like no other. She joined the designer wearable bandwagon this year. WiseWear and Iris teamed up to design the Socialiate collection. These wearables actually have a nice back story and a good purpose other than tracking movement and sleep.

Designer activity trackers


WiseWear markets as a safety device for the elderly. The bracelet is able to send an emergency text and GPS location to loved ones when tapped. But to be honest, it’s also a great tool for women. This bracelet can replace pepper spray. No more scary walks home at night.

The best thing about the WiseWear bracelet is the fact that it doesn’t look like a tech accessory at all. The Socialite collection looks like high fashion jewelry.



So…which one will it be?


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