Noraly van der Hulst

A day in the life of a front-end developer

7.30 AM
My morning alarm on my phone is telling me to begin my day and build some awesome websites. I’m a morning person, but since I became a mom I can’t start as early as I would like in the ideal world.

8.30 AM
After a breakfast (for me and the baby), some news and some morning acquisition, I’m ready to rumble. I have a home office, so I take my tea and go upstairs to start my working day. I check my schedule of the day, my email and start coding.

10.00 AM
Today I’m making a WordPress template for a coaching firm. I’m almost finished with the homepage and can make it responsive in the afternoon. Responsive web design is very important, so the website shows correctly on all different devices. I scheduled this project, but most of the days I need to do some support for clients as well, so I reserve some free time in my agenda for that.

11.00 AM
Time to feed my baby girl and have a little tea break. It’s important to get up sometimes and give your body a break. In my break I often find myself doing some acquisition, which isn’t a real break of course. So, I have to stop that behavior.

11.30 AM
I have to do some support, there’s an issue after a plugin has updated. So I have to search for the problem and fix it as soon as possible. This was a quick fix and took me only 15 minutes.

00.30 PM
Time for lunch. I check my email and my planner to see what’s next. I take some time with my little girl. That’s such a precious moment.

03.00 PM
I’m taking my time in making the homepage responsive, test it on multiple devices and orientations. You’ve to build the website fluidly to get the best result. For some alternation I write a TechGirl article and add some projects to my portfolio website. I like to keep everything up-to-date, because I need it for new clients.

04.00 PM
My little girl is keeping me company in the office. She is only 6 months, so she takes a lot of naps and is playing in her baby gym. A lot of working hours are accompanied by Lion King songs, because she seems to like them. Hakuna Matata it is!

08.00 PM
My husband came home, we had something for dinner and the lady is in bed. Time to get busy with a side project of my own. I’m starting an affiliate webshop and of course I want it to be perfect.

11.30 PM
Sleep well…


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