Create your own #2017bestnine on Instagram

It’s 2018! Whether you’re an Instagram die hard or not, you’ll definitely like to see what your top 9 most liked posts in 2017 were. It’s really easy using!

The bestnine feature isn’t new. It comes back every year. And every year it’s interesting again: what are my most appreciated posts? What are the most appreciated posts of accounts that I follow? A kind of social throwback. Your 2017 life on Instagram. Let’s create one!

Your #2017bestnine in five simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Instagram account name and click on ‘Get’.
  3. It can take some time, but then your personal collage comes onto the screen.
  4. Save the image (right-click on desktop or press and hold on mobile).
    Tip: do you prefer the photo without text? Then choose ‘Photo only version’.
  5. Share the photo on Instagram! Do not forget to add the hashtag #2017bestnine.

Give your followers more info and also explain (briefly) what the photos mean to you and tag the people / companies in the photo.

Have fun! 


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