Robot vacuum

Cleaning made fun

Recently, more tech gadgets have entered the cleaning world, which make the very unsexy subject
(never heard anyone say to be fond of cleaning) a bit more attractive. Though, we
cannot deny that our stuff sometimes needs a round of washing and mopping. To
make it a bit more fun to do, we’re discussing some cleaning gadgets in today’s blog,
that have been introduced recently.

Robotic vacuum

Let’s start with the most obvious one and, probably, also the most adopted. Although
you should take into account some preconditions (like removing small obstacles in
your living room, introducing your cat to the robot and still cleaning the corners of the
room yourself), a robotic vacuum saves you both the cleaning time, as well as the annoyance of dirty floors when you get home from work. By now, a great variety of robotic vacuum
is offered both in stores and online and it only seems about time until we
don’t do the cleaning by hand anymore.


Did you know your own phone is a playground for bacteria? Most of us however
don’t regard it as such and thus don’t clean our phones every now and then.
PhoneSoap might be your lifesaver here: while putting your phone in the PhoneSoap
and connecting it, a UV cleaning process starts removing all the dirt from your phone
so you can safely take your best friend with you through the day. That’s quite a
reassurance, especially now that flu season hit again.


Contrary to earlier times, many of us nowadays carry a sustainable re-fill bottle, to
save our world from more plastics. While acting from environment considerations,
contributing to the greater good, we often do forget to think about our own health, by
refraining to clean the bottles. Now, there’s a new kid in town that might save us from
any health issues here: the LARQ, world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. LARQ also
uses UV light to neutralize any harmful bacteria. As the cleaning system activitates
itself every two hours, you can keep on refilling the bottle over and over without
worrying about stinky or nasty bacteria.

Any gadgets that you have been introducing to your cleaning routine?


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