Cath Paulin: “I was always attracted to technology”

TechGirl Cath Paulin is a girl who codes. She just started a new job and she does very exciting things. That does not surprise us: this girl was always attracted to technology. Read her story here at

You are a girl who codes, why did you start doing that?
I’m a mathematician at heart, and when I discovered coding, I feel in love all over again with the art of problem-solving.

You are what we consider a TechGirl, when was the first time you were attracted to the magic that is technology?
I was always attracted to technology, I always wanted to have the new and best phone that was on the market and same for computers. But the first time I coded (with Fortran during my first internship), I discovered the unbelievable world that is Computer Sciences and the unlimited things you could do with the right skills.

What languages do you use for coding and with what purpose?
I mostly code in Python for machine learning!

Do you have your own company or do you work for a company, can you tell us a bit more about it?
I actually got a new job and I just started my second week there. I work at a startup in optometry where I will be applying AI in spectral and images database. Applying AI to health is really growing right now and the possibilities are almost infinite !

What do you like to do when you are not coding?
I like to CODE SOME MORE !! No but seriously I like to read, to sew and and to game! But nice gaming like playing on the switch!

How do you feel is the best way for women to empower each other in the tech field?
HELPING EACH OTHER !!! Encouraging them to ask questions, not to be shy. I started my Instagram page to help women discover Sciences and encourage them to go in this field if it’s something that they are attracted to. Opening their eyes to what we do so they can see how wonderful it is to work in the tech field!

What are your plans and hopes for the future?
I am not one for plans but I guess my hopes for the futures is to learn as much as I can in Machine learning. I’m so excited to see where AI will take !!

You can find Cath on Instagram @CathMPaulin and on Twitter @CathMPaulin


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