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Casthra Demosthene: “No one could bring to life what I imagined, so I started coding myself”

Casthra Demosthene is a very busy woman. She has two children, she writes books, she knows multiple tech languages and she is about to start her own company. A very busy lady that really wants to inspire other women to do more in the tech business. Her own story is an excellent example of how you can get a very long way with just one good idea. And a little bit of stubbornness.

Casthra: “5 years ago, I had an idea for an app and after having a hard time finding an app developer that could bring my vision to life. I decided to take my savings and learn to code. I believed that by learning how to code and mastering it, I could bring all my ideas to life.” She wasn’t always so into tech though: ” It took writing my first line of code the universal greeting in HTML “Hello World”, to make me realize the potential coding held. It was exciting and fun, after building a basic web page using HTML and CSS I wanted more.”

Now she is a lot more advanced and codes in many different languages: “I use Javascript a lot because you can do so much with Javascript. When it comes to front-end stuff, Javascript is my go-to language because of how well it works with frameworks like laravel, vue and react. But I do mostly back-end coding and I love using PHP for that. One of my favorite PHP frameworks to use on a daily base is laravel because it makes stuff like authentication, routing, sessions and caching effortless.”

Casthra really is a TechGirl living the dream. She is a self-made woman who is in the midst of starting her own company: “I am currently working on a startup and launching a company. I’m also a freelance web developer, I work mostly with local non-profit organizations and take in referrals. Working with non-profit organizations is all about capturing what they represent and creating a site that can display just that.”

It’s definitely not all smooth sailing, she has two children to raise and her work is not always easy: “The hardest part honestly is when I come across an error and I can’t find a solution on StackOverflow for it. It’s the hardest part because it requires going back to the drawing board and figuring it out myself. It can take a day or two of reading lines of codes, tweaking this, creating new errors to realize the solution was a simple semicolon.”

The tech world is soon going to hear more from her, having her own company, which is good for having more women in tech. That is something that Casthra is definitely keeping in mind too: “In order to empower women in the tech field, we need to encourage girls and women to participate more in tech. The more women there are in tech the easier it becomes to work for, partner with and invest in women in tech. I believe that one of the best ways we can empower each other in the tech field just by working with other women, partnering with other women and investing in them.”

The future seems bright for Casthra, but what are her plans? “My plans for the future include a successful startup exit whether it’s an IPO, Merger & Acquisition, Cash, or etc. Creating companies that women want to work with that can provide scholarships to encourage girls and minorities to enter the tech field. Last but not least I would love to work with others in the tech field to help make a big lasting impact on the tech industry.” We hope so too! You can find Casthra on Instagram and Twitter (@Casthra) and you can find the book that she wrote right here.


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