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You’re a go-getting woman who loves technology and anything digital, but you have no place to go to meet similar ladies? Not anymore. TechGirl.com is THE international platform for powerhouse female techies! Launched in 2017 as a blog for #womenintech, we strive to grow as the digital destination for women to meet and talk everything technology. TechGirl.com is on a mission to make technology feminine. Whether that’s by design, making it accessible or enthusing women to join the workforce.

If you love gadgets, coding, and digital media, you are going to fit right in. With news items, inspirational posts and product reviews, we hope to vivify your tech lifestyle. Let’s be honest. Being a TechGirl means living and breathing technology. In this day and age, we believe being a nerd is cool. 

Not just another technology blog…

No, TechGirl International is not just another technology blog. We are a platform that connects TechGirls around the world. Meaning we aim to share content on our website from other technology blogs and influencers. This way we create a bigger, global reach for everyone involved. You could see us as the intercessor between all technology platforms!

Dream big

Our goal is to expand our online community beyond the internet. In the future, we could see ourselves organizing global TechGirl events, bringing TechGirls into mainstream media or teaching tech related workshops. Go big, or go home. Right? 

About TechGirl.com

TechGirl.com is an initiative from Anke Horstman. While Anke dominates the Dutch female technology scene, she had the ambition to grow internationally. After working as a tech journalist for two year, Anke decided it was time to devote her time to learning how to code. She hopes to inspire other women to learn new tech skills! Furthermore she is: ambitious, outgoing and loves animals & nature.

TechGirl.com couldn’t exist without it’s own lovely blogger-team. The team has a varied background, so we can cover a lot of different tech stories. From reviews, must-try apps and tips to interviews, security issues and tech festivals: you can find it on TechGirl!

Looking for opportunities to work with us? Please contact Anke.

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