6x Festival gadgets you should know about

Yes, I know. Spring isn’t even here yet, but aren’t you already getting excited about this year’s festival season? I certainly am! Whether you’re going to Sgizet in Budapest – Hungary or Coachella in Los Angeles – USA. Maybe Creamfields in Daresbury – UK or Rock am Ring in Nürburg – Germany tickles your fancy. Whatever the case may be, it will be amazing! And yes, sometimes going to a festival can be stressful. But with these gadgets, we hope we can take some of the stress away and get you to enjoy it even more.


1. Home brewed coffee

You can brew your own coffee with this amazing gadget. And at night, when you’re stumbling back to your tent, it even doubles as a lamp!

Fatboy Lamzac

2. A comfy sofa

Waking up in the morning and kicking back in a comfy sofa sounds great and it can be done! This sofa inflates with something that’s all around us: air! Drink your home brewed coffee while lounging in your amazing sofa.

NanoDry shower

3. A small, quick drying towel

Showering on a campsite at a festival can be a pain. You can make this easier with a quick drying towel, which can also be reduced to the size of your smartphone. Lightweight and with an antimicrobial coating, to which mildew doesn’t stand a chance. Check out this one: Matador NanoDry Shower Towel.

4. Power bank

Nightmare: going to a festival, make amazing photos and videos and right when you’re ready to make a video of that fabulous artist performing, your phone dies. Of course, we all know the importance of taking a power bank with you, but will it last all three days of that festival? To make sure you can always use your phone, check out this gadget. This power bank charges your phone and then, when put in the sun, charges itself.


5. Bluetooth beacon

This beacon may give you some security: place a beacon in your bag or wallet or on your keychain. When you lose one of your items holding the beacon, you will get notified. The map will show you where your beacon, a.k.a. your lost item, is. You can find a bluetooth beacon with an app from a variety of companies. An example is TrackR.

puffy poncho

6. Poncho

Rain. Cold weather. It can ruin your festival experience, but it doesn’t have to be like that. This poncho keeps you dry and warm. It keeps your beverage and phone, and at night you can fold it into a pillow. Talk about convenience! Do you need it? No. Is it easy and fun and make every wet and cold person jealous? Definitely!

Have fun this summer!


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