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Why be you if you can be Pika-you?

Over the years Snapchat has changed our world. It might not have been life changing to everyone, but it has definitely been an eyeopener when it comes to what filters can do to your photos. Many people use Snapchat filters on their Tinder profiles or share them with friends just for fun. We have been watermelons, hippie chicks with flowers in their hair, dogs and many, many other things. Well, there is a new kit in town and it is called Pikachu.


In case you have never heard of Pikachu, it is the most famous of all Pokémon. You can easily recognize him by his yellow color, small size, lightning-like tail, red spots on his cheeks and the fact that he is completely and utterly adorable. Many memes on the internet involve the little Pika yelling creature, for example one where he is looking at his cutest crying. Now he may sound like some whimpy animal, but he is not.

In the new filter for Snapchat you can unleash his fury all on yourself. To be more specific: if you use the Pikachu lens on Snapchat, you will look exactly like him: you’ll get his cute ears, the red dots on your face plus a black nose. And it seems your eyes get bigger and black, as that is how the round eyes of this Pokémon look like too. It might look weird at first, after a while you will notice that it just looks adorbs. The best thing about this lens is not looking cute though, it is what happens when you move your mouth.


Pikachu himself pops up and gives you a small peck on the cheek before his lightning strikes. It is so cool. It makes you totally forget about Pokémon Go: you just want to be Pikachu all day. This is definitely one of the best Snapchat filters ever. I am looking forward to a Jigglypuff lens, especially if you can also hear his song play. It will annoy everybody around you, sure, but it is soooo cute!

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