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Whuuut? One password for every account, HELL NO!

One password for all your accounts? Are you kidding me? You know you should change it and that you can’t use it everywhere. But how? I have a great solution for you. No, it’s not a notepad file on your computer. It is a password manager!


I’m using LastPass for a while now and is such a relieve. You can generate save passwords and put them with a username in your personal safe.

When you must login to a website you can fill the input fields with LastPass if you’re using the browser extension. You can even use double security by adding phone identification and your master password.

Want to make some secure notes for your eyes only, you can save them in LastPass.


No more password papers on your desk, unsafe notepad files on your computer or the same password for every account. Just use a password manager as LastPass and become more organized and secure.

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