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Wanted: upcoming TechGirls to join our staff

Yes, is looking for you! It all started by the enthusiastic Gillian and Anke. We are very happy to see multiple articles on our website every month, but we want more! A lot more. Our ambition is too big for our current team and that is why we are looking for you! We would love to add other tech loving individuals to our team.

Our mission

‘Making tech feminine’, that is what we do, because tech is not just for nerdy dudes. It does not have to be about specs, it can be about why we use certain gadgets, how you use them and sometimes yes, if they are easy on the eyes. Plus, we would like to make use of our strengths. Empowerment is in the female DNA. We want to make each other stronger, better and be each others biggest cheerleaders, while also keeping the dialogue about tech open: anything to make women more passionate about the world of tech.

Come on ladies! Join our team and see how awesome it is to be a TechGirl. We will do everything in our power to make it worthwhile, offering knowledge, gatherings and gadgets for you to review. The only thing we do not offer is a salary: is voluntary work, but sometimes you receive gadgets and are invited to attend press briefings/parties from big technology companies.

We are looking for:

Bloggers/Vloggers – []

For our English platform we are looking for multiple writers or vloggers to add to our team, We expect a minimum of 1 article or video a month that meets our TechGirl-standards.

What may you expect from us? We teach you how to handle SEO, you get feedback on your productions, you get the possibility to test review samples and sometimes there are press events (even abroad).

Interested? Send us an email.

Social media talents – []

We are looking for a few social media bossgirls that can pave the way for our social media channels. Promoting our activies and articles is one thing, but we would love for you to share interesting tech videos you might find online.

Are you a taggirl? (haha, pun intended!) let us know. We would love to welcome you to our team. You decide what our social channels look like. The credits all go to you, and you decide how much time you spend, as long as you can build our fanbase in an organic way.

Interested? Send us an email.

Community builders – []

Community builders say yeahh! We would love to connect all TechGirls all over the world, cause it can feel a bit lonely as a woman in a tech world. How do we do this: how do we build a community? What can we do to make even more girls TechGirls? If you have the answer to this question or you think you have what it takes to help us in our mission, please let us know. We would love to hear your suggestions and we would love to help you make them real.

Interested? Send us an email.

We’re here for women in tech. Are you? Join us!

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